Shop cloned debit cards selling stolen credit cards on the darknet

For illegal enrichment, fraudsters often use such a method as copying bank cards. It allows you to get unlimited access to the funds of the owner of the plastic. Fake bank cards have all the same functions as genuine ones, that is, they can be used to withdraw cash or make payments.

Following the simple recommendations presented in this article, you can protect your card from copying. How are bank cards cloned and sold on shop cloned debit cards?

To make a copy of the card, it is enough for fraudsters to get its payment details - the account number, the name of the holder and official information.

To store this information, the following elements are used: a magnetic stripe is located on the reverse side of the plastic and is a black rectangle; EMV chip — microprocessor mounted in the card; RFID module is a device built into plastic and designed for contactless payment for purchases.

Modern bank cards tend to contain all three elements. If the means of payment has only one magnetic stripe, then such a card is the least protected, since it is easiest to read data from it. Stealing information from a chipped card is quite difficult. Each operation is confirmed by a new specially generated code, so the risk of data leakage is minimal.

When making contactless payments, the possibility of forgery of RFID modules is also excluded. However, even if the credit card has all these elements, you should not be 100% sure of its safety. After all, at present, there are still often ATMs and terminals that do not "know" how to recognize data from the chip. In this case, a magnetic stripe will be used for reading, which all cards have.

That is why the presence of a chip or contactless module can not guarantee protection against cloning. Having obtained the necessary information, the scammers proceed to copy the card. To do this, hardware worth from 100 to 300 dollars is used, which is freely available on the Internet. The program is loaded with the details of the original card.

Then they are transferred to a duplicate, (after duplicate cards will be sell on shop cloned debit cards) which is just a piece of plastic with magnetic tape (looks like a familiar bank card). Also, such equipment allows you to use for the manufacture of copies of genuine credit cards with expired validity. Old details are simply erased from the card, after which the stolen data is recorded on it.

How do scammers get data to make cards?

How do scammers get card details? To copy the details of the credit card from the magnetic strip, attackers use skimmers. These are readers that record all the necessary information on a built-in media or transmit data to fraudsters online. To obtain the details, it is enough to roll the magnetic strip through the skimmer once.

 Usually these devices are used as follows: Installed in the card acceptor of ATMs. Reading occurs immediately after the client inserts the card. To steal the PIN code, video cameras or special "memorable" pads on the ATM keyboard are used. Used as a separate device. For example, an unscrupulous waiter or seller can take a card from a customer for payment and imperceptibly pass it through a skimmer.

Such attackers will also not be difficult to remember the PIN code dialed by the buyer. After all these simple manipulations, the attacker receives the necessary data and makes a full-fledged card, completely identical to the original. If you know the PIN-code, you can withdraw money from it at any ATM. In other cases, such cards are used for non-cash transactions on the Internet.

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