What are they selling on black market, besides weapons, substances

What is sold on the darknet, in addition to weapons, substances, and erotic contentMost people have an image of an acid raver sneaking illegal substances or an organized criminal buying a dozen AK-47s, PMs, and Scorpions for personal security when they say "darknet. But the shadowy internet is not limited to those areas, and on the " black market" you can find a lot of other, no less interesting things.

This article is written solely for introductory purposes and is not a call to action. Techniques and equipment There is basically anything. From eavesdropping devices to code breakers - devices that break into the electronic systems of cars and any barriers.

You can also find stolen phones, powerful software-protected laptops, phone firmware, and stolen cars.

 Car Audi A7 Sportback I - 30000 USD;

Protected laptops - from 3000 USD;

 iPhone XS - 500 USD;

Smartphone for anonymous work - from 300 USD;

Codegrabber - from 250 USD;

Router with TOR and VPN - from 80 USD.

Black market: Services Previously, in order to break a person's leg with a bat or arrange a meeting with some important official, you had to know people who were willing to help for money. Or to know someone who could know. And even if an intermediary was found, in the best case, the client lost a large sum of money or, in the worst case, he was sent to prison together with the person who had committed the crime. The advent of the shadow Internet has made everything much easier. A set of services is huge:

Firing of a foe with a BB gun - from 100.000 USD;

Industrial espionage - from 15000 USD;

 Setting fire to a car - from 1000 USD:

 Elimination of an object - from 20000 USD;

Prostitution - from 300 USD;

Getting an appointment with the best doctors in USA - the price is negotiable. Doing time in prison for the accused - the price is negotiable. For any client will find its own proposal. Counterfeit money Magazine about life, cheese and intermediate states - black market Of course, sellers here and there will claim that their bills are the best, they say, it's almost impossible to recognize. But counterfeit money is not real after all and is not that hard to distinguish from the original.

Of course, if in the place where they will be used, someone will care. Usually such bills are purchased in bulk: 200 denomination bills of 10000 USD - from 90.000 USD (450 apiece); 70 denominations of 5000 USD - from 90.000 USD 1000 denominations of 500 USD - from 220.000 USD (220 apiece). Prices can be completely different, it all depends on the quality of the fake and the reputation of the seller.

Cracking and piercing the databases Where without it. De-anonymization is paramount. Who is hiding behind that number? These days, it's pretty easy to find out - you just need to have the information.

Hacking by cell phone - from 2000 USD;

Hacking by auto - from 3000 USD;

Hacking of corporate email - from 1000 USD;  Hacking WhatsApp, Telegram,.

Schemes of earning If you are a desperate type and are ready to take a risk by associating yourself with black market, then there are a myriad of ways to make money illegally on various sites. True, the schemes will have to be bought. And not the fact that they will work. And there's a chance that you'll go to jail for it.

Scheme of earnings: earnings on the passive from 20.000 per month - 9.000 USD;

Manuals on the synthesis of drugs - from 10.000 USD;

Contractual Matches - from 3000 USD.

Here's an example of an ad for the sale of the scheme for earnings for 30,000 USD: "Offline scheme for earning on the car, you don't have to meet with people. This scheme is able to bring a very high income, it all depends on the scale. Newyork and Arizona will be sold at 3 copies, for all cities with a million - 2 copies, the other cities - 1 copy. Usually the question immediately arises: so why do you sell such profitable schemes, instead of making money on black market? Unfortunately, there's no way to know if the answer is honest.

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