What is a tor network scam list tor and how to enter tor sites

Tor really completely anoniable? - This question is asked too often. At all levels. It seems that no one understands that today anonymity is VERY EXPENSIVE. Or does someone need to explain such simple things? How much do you pay for Tor? Gratis? And free cheese WHERE?

TOR (The Onion Routing) – the first stories

So, what were we told right after the birth of the Tor browser? A few (for some reason nameless) enthusiasts, caring about someone else's private life, freedom of speech, thought and other intangible halimatiers of the French Revolution (or ziggurats?), came up with onion routing.

Somewhere (it is not known where) they took a bunch of grandmothers with one goal - to help unreasonable humanity finally find those notorious freedom of speech and the right to privacy. Today, the project is supported by the "non-profit" organization Tor Project. Everyone knows that it is not an easy task to find sites on the darknet, if you go to the scam list tor you can also find suitable content.

And now for everyone there is a darknet - the very place where there are no prohibitions. And no one to these openly violated the laws of all countries generous geniuses (for some reason) has no questions, everything is fine with them. And the darknet blooms, smells and develops its awesomely useful to mankind illegal repositories. So take advantage of and say thank you to the good uncles at the Tor Project for their kindness and dedication.

You can even throw money - that's the account number. The history of the tor network is not so ancient, but people managed to let go of their roots there, now it is getting harder and harder to find normal sites on the tor network, for this people came up with scam list tor to find suitable sites on the tor network.

This tale itself sounds like complete nonsense. I will never understand how one can believe such nonsense. And to whom – to the USA! Those, I personally tried on the tooth RDS, Hopper-Invest and other MMM.

Yes, all these Hoppers were a complete fiction, but at least all had fictitious, but outwardly quite logical designs. We take your money – we invest in some of our enterprises – we share profits. It seems to be harmonious and quite so capitalistical. The fact that there are no enterprises is secondary, it is necessary to dig and prove.

In the case of the darnet, the bike itself is no good. Since it is not clear what is the interest of the "good inventors". And the opacity of interest is always questionable. Add to the doubts at least approximate information about the years and amounts spent - and doubts turn into confidence - we are told.

It was with such thoughts that I immersed myself in .onion at the time.

TOR and Skype

No, technically Skype has absolutely nothing to do with it, it's just my personal feelings. So what do I mean? And why do I link Skype to Tor?

I'll tell you in detail. As soon as in the early noughties I learned about the miracle that transmits conversations and even videos around the world absolutely for free (and in the early noughties it was just a miracle), I immediately decided to look at it.

First of all, I was struck by the absolutely wild flow of traffic created by Skype. The fact is that in those days unlimited was expensive and was quite conditional. Therefore, traffic was then monitored much more closely than now.

It's funny that Skype didn't hesitate to generate traffic even in a state of complete rest. There was no need to be seven inches in the forehead - the matter is clearly unclean. I didn't have to study anything much, a cursory glance was enough. The executable file launched tentacles wherever possible, merging all the information received into peer-to-peer networks. To whom? I think to the next "well-wishers" who, of course, think exclusively about my safety, freedom and well-being.

TOR - tagged traffic

After installing Tor, I took a closer look at its traffic. It's also redundant. And along with your traffic, certain identifiers begin to walk along the nods - a kind of free escort from "well-wishers". Maybe something else. It's hard to say. That is, all traffic is somehow labeled. So, the number of nodes (tor nodes) does not matter. One or a hundred – no difference. Since the user was originally recorded. Several times it will be difficult to find what you need, you have to save these sites scam list tor sites change every day they are very difficult to find.

What is TOR invented for?

Here we are immersed in the realm of conjecture. But, as Sherlock Holmes said, the last logical conclusion is the immutable truth, no matter how incredible it may seem.

Of course, someday everyone will know what Tor was invented for. In fact, the truth is already being revealed. It quickly became clear that Tor was invented not by European nameless enthusiasts, but by the Pentagon. Of course, for the money of American taxpayers.

Yes, there are still idiots who try to say that the Pentagon cares only about the freedom of speech of American. And that in general the Pentagon and American intelligence agencies are not the main thing, and that basically Tor lives allegedly for the money of his own users.

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