What are darknet links darknet market and search engines tor network

Darknet (or deepweb)is a special section of the Internet, closed from the eyes of outsiders, mainly available through special programs (for example, the tor browser), at special addresses of the .onion format. It has been developed since the creation of the Internet itself due to the high publicity of the last and high level of surveillance.

The darknet is actively trading various prohibited things, including weapons and drugs, bitcoin (as well as its analogues) is popular as a currency. In the view of many, this is something terrible, bad, but in fact, people just set up their business, sometimes useful to a simple layman, and sometimes harmful, while receiving quite large incomes. State bodies and entire states are trying to fight this business, while due to the availability of demand and technology, the whole struggle is reduced to nothing.


The darknet links of darknet market is actively developed and for a long time was represented by such a platform as AlphaBay, which actively worked in the tor network in 2014-2017, then closed with a scandal after the arrest of the founder of the network in his house. On this site there was an active trade in documents, weapons, drugs, there were multi-million dollar turnovers. Presumably, the project was leaked by one of the founder's accomplices when he was offended by him. Also, the option of ordering from competitors with whom something was not shared is not excluded (or some state officials work on such "darknet links" who set the task of gradually squeezing each other out) Similarly, the Hansa site functioned, which was covered at the same time with AlphaBay as part of a joint military operation of bodies from different countries of the world.

Previously also a popular market resource, Agora, worked in 2013-2015, was the "father" of AlfaBay. Also, trade in various illegal goods, payment mainly through bitcoin. Before him was The Farmer's Market, which operated for 7 years before closing similar in noise to AlphaBay.

There continues to be a Dream Market, opened in 2013, mainly specialized in the sale of drugs.

The basic principle of the work of market resources on the darknet is the work of the "guarantor", the sites essentially act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Since in an illegal subject there is always a high percentage of the discount, there are high requests for the services of a proven and non-throwing conditional admin who deposits the payment until the buyer receives the goods. Bitcoin is used as calculations, despite the fact that it is not as anoninamed as they say - all transactions are public, written in an open ledger that can be checked by anyone (the so-called blockchain technology).

Search engine

As in any normal net, the darknet has its own search engine, or more precisely, a number of them. Of the most famous are the following and there as more darknet links than another search engines : Torch, Candle, not Evil, DuckDuckGo, Ahmia. Browser Tor, by the way, presets the default search DuckDuckGo (if you surf the usual Internet through it).

It is accessible from the address bar of the TOR browser, as well as from the main page (which opens by default with a new login). An interesting feature of search engines - unlike the usual - the issuance of search queries is completely different, depending on which search engine to use, so it makes sense to use all at once or most of them.

Depending on what kind of search engine is such an attitude to advertising, Torch, for example, has a lot of advertising for all sorts of drugs, while Candle is not very friendly with advertising. Despite the fact that there are not so many resources (unlike the usual Internet), then manual search through entering the address of the desired darknet links can also be called a good way to search.

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