Deep Web: People buy credit card balance and more with bitcoins

On the Internet we can buy many interesting products, it is full of legal and trusted stores. But there is a dark area of the network in which control is null, and that offers items that should not be for sale. Now we will see 10 things that you can buy on the Deep Web,obviously, do not stop you from acquiring them, but with informative objectives.

We have long since explained what the Deep Web is,a part of the Internet in which the authorities have very little control. You browse through a program called Tor, which offers a high degree of anonymity. Payments are made in Bitcoin, it means you can buy  credit card balance and pay for it exacly with bitcoins an Internet currency that is almost impossible to track. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that crime is at the top of the list.

Of these things you can buy on the Deep Web, almost all of them are dangerous. Of course, although this part of the Internet has legitimate uses, it is worth asking if more control is not necessary to prevent this type of illegal items from being sold in this way.

What can I buy on the Deep Web?

The list would be very long, and almost any illegal product we can imagine would appear, but we will take a look at some of the most prominent articles offered by the Deep Web. Of course, it is a very unre recommended place, for example you can buy  credit card balance but we advice you take a look at our list:

  1. Drugs: Perhaps the most popular product in the hidden part of the Internet is illegal substances. Prices are usually low and control scarce, but there are not always guarantees of quality. In any case, this type of illegal trade does not stop flourishing.
  2. Weapons: Another very popular item is weapons that, of course, are sold illegally. In the Deep Web you only have to have the money, no matter the licenses or other regulations, so it is a serious security problem.
  3. Illegal adult content: adult photos and videos are common on the Internet, but on the Deep Web we find many that not only exceed ethical limits, but are completely illegal. The worst thing is that monitoring this market has become very complicated.
  4. Buy  credit card balance: If you want buy  credit card balance that is not yours, on the deep Internet you can get a credit card number from someone else. Obviously, they are focused on those who know how to use them without raising too many suspicions.
  5. Personal data: it is possible to find the information of millions of people, coming from massive leaks. In addition, phone numbers and other compromised data of celebrities are sold, although it is already something more complicated to get.
  6. Sicarios: in the Deep Web you can find a "professional" who is in charge of ending the lives of your enemies. Obviously, we are talking about very high prices, since this is a particularly serious crime.
  7. Malware and hackers: it is not difficult to buy malicious software on the Deep Web, to deceive other people and steal personal data or money. Or we can pay a hacker to perform those activities that we need.
  8. Fake documents: passports, DNIs, certificates and all kinds of official documents can be purchased in the deep part of the Internet. It is the new place to conduct dirty business, so it is normal that these activities have taken the leap.
  9. Counterfeits: of course, it is not the most serious thing we can find in this part of the network, but the truth is that many fake products are offered. Gold watches, smartphones, luxury perfumes... although they are also things that are not uncommon to see in the normal version of the Internet.
  10. Political activism: Although it is not something we can "buy", there are also good things on the Deep Web. It is used for political activism in totalitarian states, or for sensitive journalistic investigations. Although, on the other hand, sometimes these types of objectives end up out of control.

The truth is that this list of things that can be found on the Deep Web gives us food for thought. Perhaps more control over this part of the network was needed, because some of the items that can be purchased are scary. As the system is set up, it is difficult to monitor, so changes may be necessary to prevent crimes on the Deep Web.

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