Dark web directory darknet sites and links the most popular search engines

Features of using Tor and Darknet Users may notice differences in the operation of any other browser and Tor. This program is universal, as from it you can visit both ordinary sites (http://example.com)

Darknet sites

(http://www.7qzmtqy2itl7dwuu.onion/). As you can see, the sites of the shadow network have strange names and domains. Here you can often find links ending in .onion. On the dark internet, most of the sites dark web directory where you can find more interesting darknet.

This makes it quite difficult to find any information here. You will not find in the Darknet beautifully designed sites, scenery, simple and pleasant to the vision of motives, and other beauty. All resources are decorated in black tones, often with highly contrasting colors. Some sites use a bloody eye as a logo. This is a very suitable symbol, because you 0can not be on one of them for more than 1 hour. The darknet is not a place for a pleasant pastime or a fun conversation. There are services where you can communicate with other users, as well as dark web directory  of the Darknet network.

But these are mostly business and commercial negotiations. Forbidden websites and simple methods of their search in the Darknet As a rule, experienced users of the Darknet have their own databases of sites, which they usually do not share with anyone. Publishing them on Surface Web is dangerous, because for this they can block a web resource. Accordingly, I will not do this either, but I will tell you about some dark web directory  and search engines. With their help, you will find prohibited sites of the Darknet, as well as useful services, platforms and forums. However, I strongly do NOT recommend buying anything there, but no one forbids you to look purely for the sake of interest.

#1. Ahmia darknet search engine Ahmia is a search engine developed by Yuha Nurmi in 2014 with the support of the Tor Project. The algorithms of this search engine are regularly updated, so with its help you will definitely find something interesting for yourself. But do not look for immoral sites in his search results, because there are simply no such sites.

#2. The Hidden Wiki The Hidden Wiki is an encyclopedia that contains countless LINKS to all sorts of websites on the Darknet. In this anonymous dark web directory , you can even find such web resources from which your psyche can suffer, so be careful.

 How to safely surf sites in DarkNet through Tor Browser?

You have repeatedly heard that to access the Darknet you need to use a VPN, because absolutely anyone can start the OUTPUT NODE and then control the traffic that will pass in unencrypted form. I described this in detail in the previous article. Moreover, I am more than sure that your router has standard firmware.

Well, you have never heard of OpenDNS and YogaDNS before, so first I recommend watching the following video: Now that you have more or less realized the importance of router firmware, the type of operating system on your personal computer, as well as VPN and proxy, I would like to tell you how to set up an Internet browser Tor for safe and anonymous surfing onion sites in the Shadow Network Be sure to configure HIDDEN SETTINGS in Tor Browser, as this Internet browser is from a security point of view. Depending on the level of development of your paranoia, select the appropriate security mode for surfing sites in the tor browser settings.

 Activate the HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript extensions, but under no circumstances or pretexts do not try to disable them. Never forget that DarkNet is a very dangerous place where hackers, scammers, as well as maniacs live with impunity. In this regard, I strongly recommend not for a second there do not relax your buns.

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