Carding forum list how carders steal people's credit card data

We are not responsible for the data we will give below. If you are irresponsible or have bad intentions, do not read the following article.

In this article we will talk about carding, that is, the illegitimate use of credit cards.

What is carding?

Carding and carding forum list is the illegitimate use of credit cards,a practice that is growing like foam.
There are many types, as the first type, we will start with bins,the most basic and simple type, it is not even considered carding.

Bineros are the most common "carders", they do not steal cards, they only take advantage of the payment method.

A BIN  (Bank Identification Number) is the  first 6 numbers of a credit card. In this number you can see the bank, type of card, etc.


Well, the previous practice is very nice, but it is not the carding that we all expect, that of those ******** who steal your CC.

Within that type, there are two, virtual carding,and real carding (physical), let's start with virtual carding.

Virtual carding.
In this type of carding, the benefits grow exponentially, just like the prison sentence, itis a carding oriented to buy physical items online.  They sold it on carding forum lists.

First we will need a CC, which we can get in several ways, the most common are:

1. Buy them in carding forums. Promotion of carding forums via carding forum list.
Burned means, that they are worn, blocked, etc. It doesn't have much mystery, find some forum and agree with the seller.

2. Steal databases that store CC.
Very important to look for stores without a payment gateway, that is, that they store the CC.

3. Phishing and fake carding forum lists
Very common. It consists of sending emails to a mailing list impersonateing the mail to someone to get the data.

4. Shoulder surfing.
It is the most common and simple, it consists of looking at the CC disguised when they are going to pay, and memorizing the card number and cvv.

5. Fake shop.
Last but not least, fake shops.

As the name suggests, they are fake stores, which keep your CC, and the product never arrives, they usually have very affordable prices.

When we have the CC we need a drop,a drop  is a person who is responsible for receiving the package and sending it to you, what is it for?, to avoid your arrest, since when they report they would first look for the trail you would have left, and address.

That is why it is better that a dropper does not have a pc, nor is it a young person, since it would be freed instantly, it is a simple worker who has received a paid package and has accepted it, who would reject it?, the way to pay the dropper is by sending another product equal to yours.

Another even less ethical option would be to look for the phone of a village grandmother, or search portal by portal, tell her that you are traveling and you are waiting for a package.

To make the purchase there are several tricks and premises totally necessary, an example of these is carding in the early hours of the morning, so that in case of reporting, it is too late to cancel.

On the internet there are plenty of carding forums with cardable pages (which can be carded), tricks, tools and a long etc.

Real Carding (physical carding)

Here we enter a field where although more money is earned, the risk is immense, and you have to make a good investment to be able to work, it consists of the manufacture of credit cards.

In this type of carding,devices called skimmersare used, very easy to get, which are stuck in the ATMs just above the card reader, and goes unnoticed.

Thus, when they put the card you record their data.

But one important thing is missing, the PIN. This is why we all cover the keyboard when putting the pin, but it is a bit useless, since it is very common to record keys with a false keyboard.

Another method is with offline POS  (offline dataphone), a type of dataphone, in which you put the card and the pin as in a normal one, but the transaction does not reach, on the other hand, your data to this yes.

Have you never put the card in a dataphone, it did not work and the employee has tried it in a different one?  You could have been the victim of an ofline POS.
We also have the "card reader the size of a lighter", a small device that could pass in cafes, bars etc when given the card.

Therefore, you SHOULD NEVER leave your card, as it is not very difficult to memorize a 3-digit CVV.

This method is for online purchases, since we do not have a pin, only CVV and card data, but it is in the Real Carding section since it is with physical devices.

Something similar to the previous attack, but without bothering to buy a reader, is by downloading the "Credit Card Reader" application available on Google Play, which through the NFC reads your card data

Do we have the data, now that?

Once we have the CC we need a virgin card, where to record the data previously achieved with the skimmer, offline POS or card reader.

With this we would have everything necessary to clone a card now "only" would have to build up value, go to a store, buy and sell the product.

Now then.

How do we protect ourselves from carding?

If we decide to pay by credit card online, we must make sure that it is a trusted store, and that it uses a payment gateway.

Another option to consider is to have 2FA on the card  and be wary of any email requested by the CC, PayPal or any payment method .

For physical carding,things are different. They sold on carding forums are dificult than virtual. Carding forum list help them with this action.

The first thing we can do is install an application called: skimmer scanner,available on Google Play.

What this application does is look for bluetooth of a certain bluetooth module used in skimmers (HC-05) (although also common in educational kits and the like) and if it detects it, it connects with the password '1234', sends the P character by terminal, and if it receives M classifies it as a skimmer and skips the alert in the application.

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