Buy credit card online on darknet how to use it safely without problem

Especially for businessmen who can't imagine their life without plastic cards and who have started to entrust all their intimate information to their computer, the editorial staff invited a specialist who knows firsthand all about hackers, carders, spammers and other methods of highly intelligent money taking.

Several years ago, when I lived in New York and was engaged in Internet marketing I came across the concept of carding face to face. I was simply and trivially cheated by making a false transaction. And that's when I wondered - who are these carders?  Everyone knows that this operation, i.e. to buy credit card online through the darknet, is not a legal transaction.

It turns out that they have their own code of honor. So, right carders are those who screw Westerners, and wrong carders are those who offend our compatriots. Kind of like you can steal from intourists, they are rich and well-fed, ours can not be touched - they are already in hard times. There is another type of carders, these are experts who cheat the likes of them, or rather beginners, in a word, suckers. But they are something separate. It is very easy to become a carder.  There are two types of carders some steal cards and sell them and others have to buy credit cards online and resell them at a higher price.

There are plenty of forums where you can go, register, pay small money, about $ 30-100, and start communicating with experts via ICQ or Gabber. Next you just buy "white plastic" for $ 5-10 and all you have almost a professional.

The easiest way to make money having a white plastic - to buy a no-limit card for a month in the subway in New York for $ 100 and sell them later for $ 50-60. That is a net profit of 45-55 dollars per transaction, and if they are ten, and if a hundred? In America, with its childish naive faith in the postal service carders to work even easier. After all, all documentation, including driver's licenses and credit cards Americans are used to receive by mail.  There are some people who believe that you can buy  credit card online only through darknet is not so you can order it in the normal internet but in most cases are crooks


The main thing here is to open the right mailbox at the right time.  Then follow the tried-and-true scheme. But in this case one more member is needed, this is the person in whose name the bank account is opened. Then the money from the stolen card is transferred to the drop account and cashed out. This service usually costs twenty percent.

 Drops are usually recruited among newly arrived students, and often they may not even be aware that they have been involved in a dishonest transaction. It is only later, when unpleasant words like law, lawyer, court and prison begin to sound, that they get it.

 But in most cases it ends up in deportation of the drop-outs from the country of residence.The last legal ways to earn money using your intellect and computer skills are much more and most importantly they are much safer than the not legal ones.


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